Are you not connected?
No worries!

Don't have a smartphone or computer?
We've got you covered with text and voicemail services.

Text functionalities

You can now text the following keywords to 027 888 9473

IOU request is not available for accounts with balance of negative (-$15.00) or more. With all IOU text requests, please ensure you meet the qualification criteria to avoid charges to your account. Only one IOU request per credit cycle. You can not submit IOU request between 11:30am and 3pm week days or from 3pm Thursday. WISE text service charges are exclusive of any telco network charges.

Automated Telephone Service (IVR)

For those who do not have a smartphone, we provide automated voice service as follows.

Automated Telephone Service (IVR)
Description Per transaction
Balance Enquiry Request for balance over IVR Free
Top Up using Debit/Credit card Use IVR to make a top up transaction fee($0.40)
Arrangement (IOU) Use IVR to make a arrangement to hold customer account until next disconnection cycle $3.90
Update Account details Use IVR to update account details & general enquiries Free