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Service fee

Service fee
Sometimes we need to charge fees for additional services. These fees cover electricity, natural gas and broadband. They’re all inclusive of GST.
Valid from 4 April 2024. All fees include GST.
( May 02 2024 12:15:28 )
Top ups Detail Per transaction($)
First top up amount This amount will be credited to your account for power consumed during the switching process. $30 (minimum)
Minimum top up amount $10.00
Credit/ debit card payment fee For account payments/ top ups made using credit/debit cards $0.40
Wise Recharge Card payment fee For account payments/ top ups made using your Recharge Card at our participating merchants $0.75
Internet banking payment fee Free
Fees Detail Per transaction($)
Automated Telephone Assistant fees
Balance enquiry Request for an account balance over our automated system Free
Balance alert/ update System Automated notifications about your account balances Free
Update account details Use of the automated system to update your account details and for general enquiries Free
Disconnection hold Use of the automated system to hold off your account’s disconnection for 24 hours $3.90
Text services & notifications fees
Low balance Text to notify you once your balance drops below $10.00 Free
Change mobile number Texts to change registered mobile numbers Free
Reconnection and Disconnection fees
Reconnection – remote smart meter For new/ existing customers who need to be remotely reconnected $20.00
Reconnection – manual For new/ existing customers who need to be manually reconnected $150.00
Credit disconnection Daily Charge until the account is terminated daily fixed charge
Metering and meter fault fees
Meter change/ replacement $225
Electricity meter resealing fee $225
Permanent disconnection Quoted
Fault visit (non-network)
Emergency faults call out fee(if no fault is found) $225
Other fees
Account closure Amin fee for closing your account $30.00
Manual IOU arrangement fee Manual arrangements to hold customer account until next disconnection cycle $5.00
Replacement Recharge Card fee For two replacement Recharge Cards $10.00
Credit refunds Refunds requested by customers $10.00
Usage statement - printed Sent via Standard Post $5.00
All costs include GST