Wise Pre-Pay

General Terms And Conditions

General Terms And Conditions
These Terms and Conditions form a legally binding Consumer Contract for the supply of electricity to the residential dwelling, office or other premises described in your application ("the property").
This Consumer Contract is between:
  • Wise Pre-Pay (a division of Nova Energy Limited); and
  • the relevant Wise Pre Pay Customer.
By applying to become a Wise Pre Pay Customer and proceeding to purchase electricity from us you agree that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and you acknowledge that they are legally binding on you.
If more than one person is named as Customer, each person is jointly and severally liable for the obligations under this Consumer Contract.
  • This means that each named person is individually liable for all obligations.
  • We do not have to split any claim between named Customers or pursue more than one person regardless of any personal arrangements between you for sharing responsibility.
You confirm that you are over 18 years old and have the right of occupation of the property and / or to enter into a contract for supply of energy to the property. You will provide evidence of your age and authority to enter into the Consumer Contract if requested by us.
These Terms and Conditions may be updated or changed by us at any time and the latest version as shown on the Wise Pre Pay Website www.wiseprepay.co.nz will always apply.
  • It is your responsibility to regularly check and read the Terms and Conditions.
  • Any updates that we consider to be significant or important will also be notified to you by email, text or via the Wise Pre Pay App within a reasonable time of the updates being made.
If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions or any updates to the Terms and Conditions from time to time do not proceed with your application or contact us to cancel your account.
If you do not understand these Terms and Conditions or have any questions please contact us for an explanation or more information.
You become our Customer and these Terms and Conditions apply from the earlier of:
  • You completing the sign up process on our website and us confirming in writing by email and/or text that your application has been accepted;
  • You switch to us from another electricity retailer and we accept the switch;
  • You downloading the App;
  • You making any payment or top up to your account with us for the purchase of electricity;
  • Us supplying any electricity to your property.
If you switch to us from another retailer:
  • If your electricity supply has been disconnected by your current supplier you must arrange to have it reconnected before we can accept the switch.
  • We will use the current suppliers final meter reading (which may have been estimated) for our first invoice to you.
  • You are responsible for authorising your current supplier to give us all the information we need to approve you as a new customer.
There is no fixed term or minimum period that you must remain as a Wise Pre Pay Customer.
  • You do not have to use any minimum amount of electricity however you do need to keep a minimum positive balance in your account and there are charges that apply whether you use electricity or not(see Fees Table and pricing details on our website)
  • It is up to you when you make payments and when you want to use electricity as long as you cover the ongoing charges and keep the minimum balance in your account.
You can give notice at any time that you wish to cancel your account and / or switch to another electricity retailer by contacting us or simply completing the switching process with an alternative retailer. We will approve and process the cancellation or switch once we have a final meter reading and all amounts due to us on your account are paid in full including the Administration Fee and any debt repayment amount.
  • Once approval is given, we will take all reasonable steps at our end to close or transfer your account or ensure transition to the new retailer occurs without delay.
  • We will send you a final invoice based on a final meter reading (which we may estimate or use the reading you provide).
  • We will not be responsible for any delay in switching due to circumstances outside our control.
  • If the meter needs to be removed you will be responsible for the cost of removal charged by the meter company.
  • If you cancel with an unused credit balance on your account you can delay the cancellation until you have used that amount of electricity or speak to our customer service representatives about organising a refund or transfer of credit to your new retailer. A Credit Refund processing Fee is payable. If you do not seek a refund or transfer within 14 working days of switching the credit balance will be forfeited.
If you leave the property you must give us at least five days’ notice that you are moving and give us details of your new address. We will take a final meter reading (or we may estimate a final reading or use the reading you provide) and send a final invoice to your new address. If you wish to cancel the account the process in section above applies. If you wish to transfer your account to the new address we can add any unpaid amounts from the old property to invoices for the new property. If you leave the property and do not notify us you will remain wholly liable for all obligations and payments for supply of electricity and fees for the property even if you no longer live at the property until the account has been paid in full and / or cancelled.
If you want any other person/s to take over responsibility for your account they must go through the application process for approval. If transfer of the account is not approved, you will remain wholly liable for all obligations and payments for supply of electricity and fees for the property even if you no longer live at the property until the account has been paid in full and / or cancelled.
We may transfer, sub-contract or delegate all or any part of our rights and responsibilities under this Contract. Where we transfer all of our rights and responsibilities to another electricity retailer or distributor we will give you reasonable notice of the transfer and advise how you can contact the new retailer. If a receiver, liquidator or administrator is appointed, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your electricity supply is not affected.
The Electricity Authority has the right to assign your Contract to another retailer if we commit an "event of default", as defined in the Electricity Code and the terms and conditions that will apply will be those of the new retailer, which may differ from these Terms and Conditions and which may include a minimum contract period with a break cost.
We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure our services meet legal and industry standards, requirements, rules and codes including the Consumer Guarantees Act, and good industry practice.
Subject to our approval of your application and these Terms and Conditions we will procure the supply of electricity to the connection point/s for the property.
  • The connection point is where the line/s on the property connects with the point of supply outside the boundary of the property whether on a pole, underground or otherwise.
  • We will advise you if we become aware that there are or may be connection problems.
It is your responsibility to ensure your property has the necessary lines, wiring and equipment to enable supply of electricity to the property.
  • We may require you to provide a certificate of compliance at your cost for the connection point and other equipment.
  • If there are connection or other lines or equipment problems that cannot be resolved we will not be able to supply to your property and your application will be declined.
We do not own or maintain or control the lines or other infrastructure associated with the supply of electricity to your connection point or from your connection point to the property.
  • An independent network company owns and operates the network which transports energy to your connection point.
  • We have agreements with network companies to use the network for supplying power to you.
  • You must not interfere or tamper with the lines or connection points or allow any unauthorised person to do so.
  • You must ensure that the lines and access to lines on your property are free of interference from trees, bushes and man-made structures to the standards required by the lines company. We will provide you with details of the requirements on request. The cost of keeping the lines accessible is to the Customer.
  • You must comply with all of the network company’s requirements which may include you entering into a separate contract directly with the network company.
If you have queries about your connection point or network company and other requirements please contact us and we will provide you with information and answers to the best of our ability.
You may not on-sell or supply any electricity supplied by us to any other person or property.
You must give us at least five working days’ notice of any building work or excavation or similar activity at the property that could disrupt or damage any connection, lines, equipment or the supply of electricity in general and you must advise us immediately of any such work taking place on or at the boundary of your property without your prior knowledge.
We will give you four days’ notice or where that is not practicable as much notice as possible of any known or scheduled potential interruption or disruption to supply of electricity to you for any reason.
From time to time electricity supply may stop or be interrupted without notice. For example due to a fault or accident or defect in the lines or other supply infrastructure, weather or other natural or man-made emergency or disaster or other circumstances outside our control or the control of the lines company or any other company in the energy supply chain.
In the event of any scheduled or unscheduled loss of supply we will:
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure supply is restored as soon as practicable and provide information and updates by email, App and on our website.
  • If you need further information you can call your Network faults number or check their website for updates.
If you have equipment or appliances that are essential or vulnerable to loss, inconsistency or voltage fluctuations in electricity supply it is your responsibility to ensure that you have back up supply or anti-surge protection in place and to hold adequate insurance covering any loss or damage that may result from any interruption or fluctuation to supply.
We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to you or any other person or property due to loss or fluctuation of electricity supply – planned or unplanned, or failure to supply electricity and services to the standards in this Contract, or failure to give due notice unless it can be shown that:
  • Such loss or damage has been wholly caused by our negligence or breach of contract or unlawful actions or omissions; and
  • The actions or omissions were within our control; and
  • The damage or loss was reasonably foreseeable.
If we are held to be liable to you for any loss or damage it will be limited to a maximum sum of $10,000 (including GST, if any). Nothing in this section excludes any minimum liability we may have pursuant to any law.
If we receive compensation from a third party (such as a Lines Company or Transpower) for losses resulting from the interruption of supply to you, we will pass on an appropriate portion of that compensation to you, and if requested to do so will provide you with an explanation of how the amount passed on was determined.
If a public energy conservation period or official conservation campaign is declared and results in a decrease of supply or consumption of electricity by the Customer, the Customer may be entitled to compensation by way of a refund or credit to their account at the amount determined by the Electricity Authority. We will provide details of the compensation scheme to customers affected by any such conservation campaign through our website or upon request.
Following approval of your application and completion of the switching process you download the App to one or more mobile device/s one or more devices owned or controlled by you. If you choose not to download and use the App you will need access to a computer with internet service to manage your account through our website.
By downloading the App you agree that you are bound by the terms of use as:
  • Set out in this Consumer Contract as may be updated from time to time; and
  • The then current terms of download and use of the Itunes App Store or Google Play or wherever you download the App from; and
  • Any other software or hardware terms of use incorporated into the electronic devices from which you access and use the App.
The intellectual property in the App is owned by Energy Billing Systems Limited (EBS) which has licensed the App to Wise Pre Pay and permitted downloading and use of the App by Wise Pre Pay Customers solely for the purpose of purchase and supply of electricity to the Customer by Wise Pre Pay pursuant to this Consumer Contract.
  • You acknowledge EBS’s ownership of the App which is protected by New Zealand and international copyright laws and intellectual property treaty provisions.
  • You agree that at no time does any right of ownership or use of the App transfer to you other than as specifically set out in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise notified to you by us or by EBS.
  • Other than as necessary to download and use the App for the purpose of electricity supply you may not copy or part possession with or distribute or sub-licence or otherwise deal with the App or any part of it.
  • You agree not to reverse engineer, modify, alter, decompile, or adapt the App software or attempt to do the same or otherwise interfere with the Licensor’s intellectual property rights in the App.
  • You may not attempt to obtain non-public information about the App or the Wise Pre Pay system or EBS or PPEL through the App or website or any other means.
  • You agree that EBS may enforce its rights in the App and your obligations in relation to download and use of the App as if EBS were party to this Consumer Contract.
The App and related upgrades are free to download and install from the App Store or Google Play. This may change if our costs or the App Store of Google Play’s costs increase and these Terms and Conditions will be updated and you will be notified accordingly.
The Customer is responsible for any network or other charges incurred in the download, installation and use of the App.
The Customer is responsible for all fees charged by us or your telephone company for texts, phone calls, notifications, top ups, requests for information and other fees for use of the App as detailed in the Fees Table and on our website.
In order to access best functionality of the App you will need to allow your mobile device GPS system to provide location information to the App and you must install updates to the App as they become available. If you do not allow access to location information and / or do not install all updates the App may not perform to its best ability.
No warranty is given that the App will meet your requirements or that the operation of the App will be error- free or uninterrupted.
  • In case of any fault or defect in the operation of the App we shall use reasonable efforts to advise you of the problem and provide corrections or fixes in a timely manner.
  • We, and EBS shall not be liable to you or any other person for any loss or damage due to your use or inability to use the App or any malfunction with the App or inaccuracy of information accessed through the App.
  • If liability cannot be excluded, our (and EBS’s) liability to you or any other person shall be limited to repair or replacement of the App software or correction of the information supplied or accessed.
  • Nothing in this clause excludes your rights pursuant to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.
You must not give your passwords or pins or account number to any person nor allow any other person to access your account or use the App.
  • You must always use a secure, non-public network to access the App.
  • You will be responsible for the consequences of unauthorised use of the App on your device and any access to your account if you do not follow these requirements.
  • You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of the App or access to your account.
The Customer is responsible for payment of all amounts for supply of electricity and our fees under this Consumer Contract and as shown on our website / www.wiseprepay.co.nz/service_fees, and as per Schedule 1 at the end of the terms and conditions.
As a Pre-Pay account Customer you are required to place funds in your account in advance of using electricity.
  • No invoices are issued.
  • Full details of your electricity usage and cost are available through the App at any time or by contacting us.
  • The only method of paying for your electricity, fees and charges is by topping up your account in the methods detailed on our website and confirmed to you when you join. We do not accept any other method of payment.
  • A fee may be charged each time you top up.
We may stop supply of electricity if you do not have sufficient funds in your account and lack of funds (below the required minimum) may result in disconnection.
From time to time depending on your usage patterns and disconnection policies we may continue to supply electricity despite your account being out of funds and your account may become overdrawn. Your account could also become overdrawn due to costs and fees applied to your account.
  • If your account becomes overdrawn any top up of funds will be applied to putting the account back in credit and paying any other costs of fees incurred before the cost of further electricity will be paid.
Any overdrawn amount on your account or amount otherwise due to us is a debt until paid in full.
  • You are liable for any collection fees for overdue debts including actual legal and court costs.
  • Interest will be charged on any debt at a rate equivalent to our bank’s current commercial overdraft rate plus 2% from the date 10 days after the account becomes overdrawn or the amount is otherwise due for payment.
  • We may in our discretion enter into a debt repayment plan with you for any debt due to us, on terms that we specify. Unless an alternative payment plan is agreed, up to 30% of all top up payments made to your account will be used to repay the debt before the top up amount is applied to future electricity use.
  • We may disconnect your supply if any debt or debt repayment plan is overdue by more than 10 days. We will give you seven days’ notice and an opportunity to pay within the notice period before we disconnect for this reason.
You will be classified as a Low User or Standard User at the time you sign up with Wise Pre Pay and the pricing that applies will be notified to you at the time your application is accepted.
  • You may change your user classification or pricing plan by contacting us.
  • We will agree to your request for change if it is available in your location and meets your usage profile and any other reasonable requirements we have.
  • A change of plan or user category will take one month from the date we approve your request.
If your account is a flexible pricing plan the price of electricity may increase or decrease depending on the time and volume of electricity consumption and the costs to us of supplying the electricity.
  • You can find up to date current electricity prices, lines charges and levies and other information applicable to your account and pricing plan at at www.wiseprepay.co.nz pricing page or by contacting us.
  • You will be charged and pay fixed daily charges even during periods that you are not using electricity.
If your pricing plan has fixed charges and the prices are to be increased we will give you at least 30 days’ notice of any intended increase by notice on the website or App. If the increase is more than 5% the notice will be by email or mail.
Payment of fees and charges
  • All our fees and charges are deducted from the funds advanced to your account before the funds are applied to payment of electricity to be supplied.
  • The current applicable fees are shown on our website / www.wiseprepay.co.nz/service_fees , and as per Schedule 1 at the end of the terms and conditions or you can contact us for further details.
  • The type and amount of fees may be changed from time to time and the latest version will always be that on our website.
If as a condition of accepting your application we are authorised to collect overdue amounts owed by you to another energy retailer, we will forward up to 30% of each top up amount paid by you to that retailer toward payment of your debt with them until the debt is paid in full.
  • We are not responsible or liable to you or the creditor retailer for payment of the debt. We are simply collecting and forwarding funds on your behalf.
  • You will not be able to cancel the repayment arrangement without written agreement of the creditor.
  • We will be able to cancel the repayment arrangement if we no longer have an agreement with the creditor retailer to collect debt.
  • An administration and collection fee is payable to us from the funds collected. This fee will be paid from the funds before they are applied to your debt balance.
If you are a medically dependent or vulnerable consumer we strongly recommend that you do not sign up for or use a Pre-Pay Energy supply plan and we are unlikely to accept your application as we do not have the facilities to provide the support services required for such customers. Please contact us for alternative options and please let us know immediately if someone in your household becomes medically dependent on electricity supply.
Electricity is paid for in advance of use. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure your account has sufficient funds to pay for your electricity usage requirements at all times to avoid disconnection.
There is no minimum spend or usage requirement but you must maintain a minimum balance of $10.00 on your Wise Pre Pay account to avoid disconnection.
  • You can check your account balance of funds and approximate electricity usage available through the App or website at any time.
  • It is your responsibility to check your usage and account balance regularly to avoid disconnection.
If your account balance goes below $10.00 we shall take reasonable steps to notify you in advance of the need to top up your account.
  • We will notify you by texts and/or emails of a low balance at least 48 hours before a disconnection will occur.
  • If you do not top up your account we will send a further notification by approximately 9:30am on the day of disconnection advising that we will disconnect your supply if you do not top up your account.
  • You can apply for an IOU arrangement by texting or telephoning us to delay the disconnection by up to one day. There is no guarantee the application will be successful. Fees are charged for the application and for the delay if your application is successful.
If after receiving the notifications you do not top up your account above the the minimum balance or arrange a delay we may disconnect your supply.
  • If we do intend to disconnect we will notify you by text and/or email by 12.30pm on the day of disconnection advising you that you will be disconnected and what you need to do to have your electricity supply reconnected.
  • We will not disconnect your supply before 9.00am or after 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or on a weekend.
  • There is a disconnection fee payable each time you are disconnected after the third disconnection.
  • In order to be reconnected you must top up your account to an amount equal to the minimum balance plus the reconnection fee, plus any other costs or fees that have been incurred against your account during the disconnection period such as daily fixed charges.
  • The terms and conditions of this Consumer Contract and your obligations continue to apply during any period of a disconnection.
  • We may decline to reconnect you in our discretion or we may at our discretion require you move onto a higher pricing plan which may include additional fees or obligations or a different pricing plan as a condition of reconnection.
We may also disconnect your supply for other reasons and will give you as much notice as possible in the circumstances. These reasons may include (but are not limited to):
  • An amount due by you is unpaid for more than 10 days from due date and we have given you at least seven days’ notice of disconnection and an opportunity to pay the debt.
  • Suspicion that there has been tampering with metering equipment or lines relating to the property.
  • To prevent harm or damage to persons or property.
  • We or our representatives cannot access the property to read or check the meter or carry out other necessary work on two or more occasions after giving reasonable notice.
  • There is no suitable meter installed at the property.
  • You request disconnection.
  • The Lines Company or metering equipment owner or any utilities or local government or similar authority or organisation requires the supply to be disconnected for example, but not limited to circumstances such as emergency situations, threat to safety of people or property, road works, maintenance, utility repairs or replacement.
  • We no longer have a contract with the Lines Company or metering equipment provider.
Voltage and frequency fluctuations that may occur with electricity disconnection and reconnection can damage sensitive appliances. It is your responsibility to protect your sensitive appliances by installing suitable protection devices or by making sure all sensitive equipment and appliances are switched off and unplugged before a disconnection or reconnection.
Electricity usage is measured by a smart meter and typically read, and reported remotely.
You will need an approved smart meter installed at your property. This meter will collect, store and send information to us or our authorised agent.
  • The charges for your electricity usage are based on the meter records and the meter is deemed accurate unless proven otherwise.
  • If you do not already have a suitable meter we organise installation of a new one at no cost to you from a metering equipment provider of our choice at your property.
  • However, if your property or existing meter board is not suitable for installation of a smart meter you will be required to have the necessary work or modifications completed by an electrician at your cost before installation can proceed.
We do not own the metering equipment and ownership of the metering equipment does not pass to you at any time.
We arrange for installation and use and reading of the meter through an independent approved metering equipment owner and / or provider.
You agree that all information collected and communicated by the metering equipment is owned by us or our authorised agent and that we or our agent may use and retain identifying information and provide the same to third parties for the purposes of:
  • Supply of electricity to you,
  • Billing and costing supply,
  • Measuring and estimating usage and demand,
  • Industry and regulatory compliance and reporting,
  • You also agree that we or third parties we supply the information to may use non-identifying information for marketing, promotions, competitor analysis and any other purpose.
We may change the meter equipment provider or change the metering equipment at any time.
  • You may not change the metering equipment without our prior approval.
  • No fee is payable for removal or installation of metering equipment if we require the change.
You must ensure the metering equipment is kept safe, dry and secure on the property. You must not:
  • Tamper or interfere with, or alter or remove any part of the metering equipment, nor allow (or fail to prevent) any other person doing so.
  • Attempt to repair or alter, or allow (or fail to prevent) any other person to repair or alter the metering equipment.
You will be responsible for the cost of any damage or loss you cause or fail to prevent to any part of the metering equipment.
  • You must advise us immediately if you become aware of any damage, fault, loss or malfunction of the metering equipment.
  • If you or we suspect the metering equipment is faulty we will test, and if necessary repair or replace the metering equipment within a reasonable time of you advising us of the suspected fault.
  • If the fault is due to an equipment defect or failure we will pay the cost of testing and repair or replacement.
  • If the fault is due to any damage due to your action or omission you may be charged for the testing and repair/replacement costs. We will advise you before undertaking testing and repair of potential costs.
You will be responsible for the cost of all electricity consumed but unmeasured or inaccurately measured or undercharged as reasonably estimated by us during any period that a meter is not installed or is faulty.
  • If you have paid or been charged for more usage than reasonably estimated due to a faulty meter we will credit your account or refund any overpayment unless the fault has been caused by you.
  • If we estimate you have used more electricity than measured due to a faulty meter or lack of meter where the fault has been caused by your action you will be liable for all costs and loss incurred by us or our agents including but not limited to testing, auditing, investigation; cost of supply, loss of estimated income and profit for supply; equipment repair or replacement; administration, legal and collection costs; disconnection and reconnection.
If due to your actions or omissions the equipment is not returned in good working condition or is unable to be uplifted from the property when required by us, our agent or the metering equipment provider you will be liable for the full cost of repair or replacement.
You irrevocably authorise Wise Pre Pay or our representatives or contractors or the representatives or contractors of the Lines Company or meter owners to have the necessary access to your property to install, test, read, audit, repair, maintain, replace or remove the meter or lines or other infrastructure or equipment necessary for supply disconnection or reconnection of supply to the property throughout the period you are a Wise Pre Pay customer (and for six months after you cease being a customer to enable removal of the metering equipment if we advise removal is necessary).
  • For meter reading, disconnections and reconnections we or other authorised persons may access your property without notice during daylight hours, Monday to Saturday.
  • We will give you at least 5 days’ notice of the need to come onto your property for other reasons such as to install, remove, maintain, replace or otherwise access the meter, lines or other equipment unless access is required in an emergency or urgent situation in which case we will give you as much notice as reasonably possible.
  • You agree that if you are not available to be at the property you will provide keys or passcodes to allow access to us or our representatives or contractors, strictly for the purposes notified to you.
  • We will ensure that any of our representatives or contractors that attend your property will carry and present proper identification to you or your representative before entering your property or commencing any work.
  • You must ensure that safe, unobstructed access is available including that any dogs on the property are suitably restrained or contained. If we cannot obtain access to the property or meter you may be charged a call-back fee or similar if repeated visits are necessary before access if available.
  • We will ensure that all persons attending your property on our behalf will follow your reasonable requests and act with respect to you and your property and will leave the property in a clean and tidy condition upon completion of their attendance.
If you wish to contact us, please:
  • Write to us at: current postal address
  • Email us at enquiries@wiseprepay.co.nz
  • Call our Customer Care Team:0800 00 9473; Mon-Fri-8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Free text 027 888 9473
  • Visit our website www.wiseprepay.co.nz
If we need to contact you or send you a notice you agree that we may do so by email, text, telephone or mail to the contact details you supply when you apply to join Wise Pre Pay or as a notification on your App.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure we have current and accurate contact details.
  • If your contact details change you must advise us immediately by email, text or phone.
  • We will not be responsible for the consequences of any communications or notifications failing to reach you due to change of address, email or phone number where you have not advised us of the change.
Wise Pre Pay Energy is a member of the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme and has a complaint system available free of charge to Customers as set out in this section.
This Scheme does not apply to complaints about pricing where the pricing amount and mechanism has been clearly communicated to the Customer.
If you have a complaint or are dissatisfied with any other aspect of our service please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve the complaint in good faith as soon as possible.
We will acknowledge receipt of a Customer complaint:
  • In writing as soon as possible but in any event no later than two working days after receipt, if the complaint is in writing;
  • Over the phone and record the fact of such acknowledgement, if the complaint is oral and the complainant agrees, otherwise in writing as soon as possible but in any event no later than two working days after receipt.
We will provide a response (initial or otherwise) to the complainant as soon as possible, in accordance with the urgency of the Complaint, but in any event no later than seven Working Days after receipt.
If the complaint does not relate to our services, we will endeavour to refer it to the correct supplier as soon as practicable.
We will attempt to resolve the complaint within 20 days (or 40 days if we have given good reason to extend the 20 day period).
If we have not resolved the complaint within the required time frames, or if we have not responded to the complaint or if it would be unjust or cause unreasonable harm not to refer the complaint; the complainant may refer a complaint to the Complaints Scheme Commissioner within a further two months and ask the Commissioner to consider the complaint.
  • The Commissioner may make a recommendation or settlement request or issue a binding ruling.
  • We agree to comply with any binding ruling in the complainants favour at our cost in a timely manner.