Frequent Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Wise Pre-Pay service?

Anyone with a provisioned Smart Meter qualifies for service with Wise Pre-Pay. A provisioned Smart Meter is a Smart Meter which has been installed, in use for more than 30 days and has passed all required assessments by the local distribution company which ensure that the meter is reading and transmitting usage data accurately. As this is a Pay As You Go service, no credit check or deposit is required.

What is required to enrol with Wise Pre-Pay?

We make our service easy to use, so you don’t need much to become a customer. Apart from a smart meter, all you will have to provide us is a name and service address. To send account balances and important account information, you will need to provide a telephone number that receives text messages and a valid email address.

What is a Smart Meter?

The Smart Meter or AMS is a real-time monitoring device that allows for real–time billing, remote meter reads, remote connection and disconnection, and the ability for customers to monitor their usage history to better manage energy costs. Smart Meters provide a way to capture your electrical usage in 15-30 minute intervals and to communicate that usage back to your local electric distribution company. Unlike traditional electric meters that only measure total consumption, Smart Meters show when the energy was consumed.

How do I know if I have a Smart Meter?

Most homes now have a Smart Meter but if you are unsure as to whether or not your home may have one, you can input your address the respective fields on our website’s “Sign Up” page and we will notify you if your home does NOT have a Smart Meter.

How much do I need to pay in order to start my service with Wise Pre-Pay??

Rates change but the goal is to be competitive. Go to the pricing section to see current rates. Once electricity is purchased, the rate will remain the same while that electricity is used.

How much do I need to pay in order to start my service with Wise Pre-Pay?

Your initial payment of $20 (minimum) or more will activate your account and switching process.

What is the minimum top-up amount?

The minimum top-up amount is $10.00.

How can I keep track of my balance?

You will receive notifications on your SMS capable cellphone and by email whenever your account balance drops below $10. It is important that you keep your contact information current. You can also check your balance online by logging in to your account at either through our website or mobile app.

How often and how much should I reload?

Since usage patterns and budgeting concerns vary from household to household and from month to month it’s difficult to recommend one way that would fit every customer’s needs. We suggest to monitor your balance alerts and set aside some amount of money either weekly or fortnightly to keep the balance above $10. If you use $2/ day, you have to top-up of $30 fortnightly. If you use $5/day buy top-up of $35 each week. An easy guide is to multiply your one-day consumption by 10.

How is estimation done for the balance and consumption?

It is based on your last 7days consumption pattern but it can vary depending on your usages.

What does the balance alerts indicate?

The balance alerts have following indications
Level 5- Credit left for more than 28 days; No worries
• Level 4- Credit left for 14 days; Sufficient credit
• Level 3- Credit left for 7 days; Run out soon
• Level 2- Not enough credit left; time to top-up
• Level 1- Your account is disconnected; Top-up and contact us
At level 2 and 1 you will receive balance alerts via text and email too.

When will I be disconnected?

In the event of disconnection, you need to urgently follow the steps below:
Step I: Make a top-up using one of the 3 easy payment options
Website, mobile app or using your top-up card at participating shops
Step II:
Login to “My Dashboard” and select “Online Request” to send us an email at to reconnect you or Call our toll free number 0800 00 9473 to reconnect or Text RECO followed by your top-up card no. or email Id to 027 888 9473

Reconnection Guidelines

Our office hours for reconnections are between 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
You need to confirm that it is safe to reconnect your power before we switch on again.
We also require a person above the age of 18years to be present on site and check that all appliances are turned off.

How does the debt balance work?

Your debt balance is made up of:
• Cost of power used during the switch period or Cost of energy used without having enough balance.
• Debt is paid off over time by deducting a percentage of each top-up you make. This debt does not incur any interest charges or extra fees. Deductions from each top-up is fixed at 15%.

Does Wise Pre-Pay bill on a month-to-month basis?

No. Wise Pre-Pay is Pay As You Go. You use the electricity that you have already purchased. There are no bills, merely balance alerts to let you know that have low balance and it is time to top-up.

Does Wise Pre-Pay mail out monthly statements?

You can download your monthly, weekly or daily consumption details by clicking the Export button on ‘My Dashboard’. But Wise Pre-Pay only mails out consumption statements upon request. These statements itemize monthly usage, payments received and fees incurred. Statements are free if sent via email. To receive a statement through the mail, a $2.95 fee is assessed. You may request your Statement of Usage and Payments by calling Customer Service on 0800 00 9473.

What if my email address or SMS phone number changes?

You can update your account information by emailing us at or call Customer Service 0800 00 9473.

I am moving and want to continue to use WISE at my new address, how do I transfer my service to my new address?

Visit ‘My Dashboard’ on our website and fill in the required details or Email or call Customer Service on 0800 009473 between 8:00am-6:00pm so that we can assist you in transferring the services to your new address.

What if I lost my top-up card(s)?

We have provided you with 2 top-up cards which are all linked to your account but in case if you misplace all three of them, you can email us at and we will provide you with new card at your mailing address.

What about the Entrust dividend?

Even if you join Wise Pre-Pay you will still receive the Entrust or any other lines distributor's rebate or dividend for which you are eligible.

Is there any refund fee, if in any case I close my account or take back my application?

Please refer the Service Fee page at

Medically Dependent Customers

Are you or anyone in your house dependent on electricity for critical medical support?

It's important you let us know immediately.

If you or anyone in your house becomes medically dependent on electricity and the disconnection of electricity may present a clear threat to your or their health or well-being, you need to inform us urgently. It is the consumer’s responsibility to disclose private or personal information that may be relevant to any disconnection decision. This includes information on a person having been assessed by a DHB, private Hospital or a GP to be a potential MDC, or information on any change to the consumer’s MDC status over time.
You need to understand the risk of staying with a prepaid company, as Wise Prepay Energy carries out disconnections more frequently than post paid companies. We highly recommend signing up with a post paid company.
If you still wish to continue with Wise Prepay Energy.

Here's what you need to do :

  • Click here to download the Medical Dependency Form
  • Please confirm all sections are completed in the form. The first section is to be completed by the Account Holder/ Customer.
  • The next section is to be completed by a Medical Practitioner (e.g. your GP). The form is invalid without the seal of the medical practitioner.
  • Once you have done the above, please email or post the form back to us.
For any questions, please call us 0800 00 9473.

Contact Details :

  • Email:, Subject: Medically Dependent Customer
  • Post: PO Box 305292, Triton Plaza, North Shore City 0632

Payment options

Apart from the usual methods of top up, Wise Prepay Energy is also registered with WINZ, and are happy to assist you with your queries regarding arrangements and payments.

What to do in case of outage?

Wise Prepay Energy can not guarantee a continuous power supply. Power outages are out of the control of your power retailer. Outages can be caused by bad weather or if emergency repair is required for your power lines.
The customer needs to be prepared for such cases. It is crucial that you have a back up plan to follow, if there are any sudden outages or any other unexpected circumstances.

What to do:

  • Ensure you always have a standby battery fully charged
  • Go to a friend's or family member’s house where they still have electricity.
  • In serious circumstances, call an ambulance to be taken to hospital.

Is your question not addressed here?

Email or call 0800 00 9473 for additional information.